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SBS-4 and SBL-2D

The SB range of fluidised baths offers a safer alternative to the dangers associated with high temperature oil and salt baths.

These units are designed to be bench or floor standing and only require an electrical and air supply for operation. Air passes through the mass of the aluminium oxide (Alundum) particles via a porous plate in the base of the unit separating the individual particles and suspending them in free air, giving the properties of a liquid bath.

Heaters are fitted within the bath which allow temperatures of 500°C to 600°C to be maintained. Both models in the SB range feature a stainless-steel inner container insulated from the outer wall, a safety air pressure switch to protect against loss of air pressure and also a thermal cut-out.

It is highly recommended that the TC-9D temperature control unit is used in conjunction with these baths, greatly improving temperature stability and accuracy. See TC-9D link under "Further Information" on the left of this page.
Replacement Alundum (course, brown aluminium oxide) see "SB and BFS Accessories"
To replace alundum lost through normal operation and removal of items from the bath. Accept no other substitute as performance and functionality cannot be guaranteed with third party suppliers.

Technical Specification

Specifications SBS-4 SBL-2D
Temperature range 50°C to 500°C 50°C to 600°C
Temperature stability at 50°C ±1°C ±1°C
Heat up time 20°C to maximum 60 minutes 105 minutes
Cool down time maximum to 200°C 180 minutes 330 minutes
Air pressure kPa (psi) 21 (3) 21 (3)
Maximum flow Litresminute 57 57
Nominal heater power at 240V (W) 1500 4000
Weight of medium required 9 Kg 32 Kg
Working volume Diameter x depth (mm) 178 x 140 228 x 350
Diameter (excluding tap) x height (mm) 335 x 462 385 x 695
Shipping weight (Kg) 24 59

Ordering Information

Please note that the alundum must be ordered separately, it is no longer included with the product

Product Code Description Weight of Alundum required (BROWN/ALO)*
F932D SBS- 4 (230V) including overspill flange but excluding alundum 25 kg
F932P SBS- 4 (120V) including overspill flange but excluding alundum 25 kg
F946D SBL- 2D (230V) including overspill flange but excluding alundum 50 kg

Please note:
- Model SBS-4 is available in both 120V and 230V variants.
- Model SBL-2D is available in 230V only (due to the larger heater and bath size).
- F946H has been replaced by F946D.

*Alundum is supplied in 25 kg lots. Weight required to fill the sand bath may be less than the order amount. Leftover alundum can be stored to replace alundum that is lost through normal operation and removal of items from the bath.

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