THERMAL CLEANING - Industrial Fluidised Baths

Techne Industrial Fluidised Baths (IFB) are widely used for thermal cleaning by polymer manufacturers to remove plastic residues from extrusion tooling components, systems and parts quickly, safely and without damage to the tooling.

Techne IFB contain dry, inert aluminium oxide (alundum) particles. In a fludised state the alundum becomes mobile, with similar properties to a liquid - although freezing, boiling and evaporation are eliminated. Fluidisation evenly distributes heat for excellent thermal stability.

Techne IFB are an effective, safe, clean and environmentally friendly alternative to oil, salt, ultrasonic and molten-metal baths. Industrial fluidised baths are also more effective at cleaning than ovens, furnaces and blow-torches and have none of the associated risks of damage to expensive steel tooling.

Techne IFB are widely used for cleaning dies, tips, breaker plates, spinnerets, nozzles, extruder screws, tools, manifolds etc. Techne have also supplied hundreds of companies who extrude plastic tubes, rods, sheets, films, electrical cables and wires.

Techne offer 6 sizes of IFB ranging from 5L to 64L working volume at temperatures up to 600°C. Techne IFB can also be used as large uniform heat sources for heating reactor vessels.

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