Tecal and UCal Dri-block (Dry block) Calibrators and Accessories from Techne

Tecal and UCal Dri-Block (Dry block) Calibrators from Techne are a convenient, accurate and portable reference heat source used in a wide variety of industrial laboratories and factories.

Tecal and UCal Calibrators enable the operator to check and re-calibrate critical thermocouples, resistance temperature detectors (RTD), liquid filled sensors and platinum resistance thermometers (PRT) wherever an accurate, calibrated reference heat source is important for industrial and laboratory processes.

Tecal and UCal Dri-Block (Dry block) Calibrators cover the temperature range ambient -45°C to +700°C. With the addition of an optional external chilling source, such as the Techne Flow Cooler and cooling probe, the Tecal 140 peltier cooled Dri-block Calibrators can achieve a minimum temperature of -40°C.

Techne have been manufacturing Tecal Dri-block Calibrators since 1965.

UCal 400+ portable Dri-block Calibrator

Tecal 140F portable Dri-block Calibrator

Tecal 425F portable Dri-block Calibrator

Tecal 650F

Tecal portable Dri-block Calibrator Block Inserts

Tecal portable Dri-block Calibrator accessories

Tecal portable Dri-block Calibrator TechneWorks PC software